So Anyway

from by Derek Brink

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This is a track I have had sitting around in various forms dating back to probably 2003. It has always been a short, punky tune and the first line has always been "So anyway, like I was saying before, I don't like much of anything anymore." I think that's a good opening line at this point in my career. I did in 2003, too. The rest of the words went through a few changes over the years. I only wrote the part referencing Pete Townshend when I sat down to do the demos for this record. I reference the Who's song "The Seeker" so heavily in that verse that they might deserve a writing credit.

The song itself is at once dismissive and also seeking depth. I said in my description of the album that each of these songs is about survival. "So Anyway" is a summary of taking the step of owning one's own mistakes and flaws and trying to figure out what to do with them. I guess I don't really offer any answers or insights...but at least I'm acknowledging the problem. That's the first step.

You can't really tell unless you know what to listen for, but this song features my first and so far only usage of the Electro-Harmonix "Pog" pedal. It's an octave generator that plays an octave above and an octave below the note you're playing to generate three tones at once. I used it on the main lead line. Should've turned the effect up a little louder, probably, but subtlety is a fine art. I like the pedal and it'll show up more on future releases, I bet.


So anyway, like I was saying before,
I don’t like much of anything anymore
and I’m trying to figure out just why that is...
Could be something to do
with how I was brought up,
in the middle class; down on my luck,
with a knack for being against
all I can be against.
But I don’t want to make it sound too bad.
I had more than some of my friends had.
So blaming it on my youth is a poor defense.

So anyway, like I was saying before,
I don’t know much of anything anymore,
and I’m trying to figure out just who to ask.
Everybody I know seems like
they feel it, too.
No one seems to know or care what to do.
Even the best advice doesn’t seem to last…
‘Cause I asked Pete Townshend
and he referred me
to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Tim Leary.
Maybe it’s time I took myself to task.

So anyway, like I was saying before,
I don’t do much of anything anymore
and I’m starting to think
I’ve got myself to blame.
Life is only what you make of it
and most times I don’t even
care enough to quit.
No wonder every day turns out the same.
If I can’t find the strength within myself,
then I can’t count on it
to come from someone else.
And I wonder if all this thinking
is making me insane.

Yeah, probably.


from It Could Be Worse, released May 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Derek Brink St Louis, Missouri

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