Now It's the Woman's Turn

from by Derek Brink

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References: "Bluebeard," the #MeToo Movement, Egalitarianism.

I think this one kind of speaks for itself. Men have fucked up everything. Women are smarter and better than us. We should have elected Hillary. Etc.

The song is named after the final painting of one of Vonnegut's characters in his novel "Bluebeard," considered to be his swan song. Critics of Vonnegut's work rightly question some of how he wrote his female characters. At best, most of them were one-dimensional. At worst, he was often insulting and even bordering on misogynistic. But I don't think that's what was in his heart. I think this is one of those cases where you can say "he was doing the best we could expect for a man of his time." And I support that by asking that you read "Bluebeard" all the way to the end before you fight me on it.


Men…we’ve got to face it.
We’ve been given our due shot.
But we made war
and then we made war some more
and we messed everything up.

We did our best
We pounded our chests.
We enslaved each other,
and we enslaved our brides.
We’re slaves to our own egos
and we’ve got nowhere
left to hide.

We can deny it,
we can try to fight it,
we can act like our rights
are on the line.
But it’s over, it’s done,
it’s finished.
It’s no secret.
We’ve had our time.

A monkey into a monkey house.
All we do is rape and feed.
And we act like we’re doing a favor for anyone we make bleed.
But now, it’s the woman’s turn
to lead.

I’m never going to be a woman.
So I know I’ll never
really understand.
But when I look at the news
and I hear a friend say
it happened to her too…
There’ve been a lot of times
I wished I wasn’t a man.

Now I’m not throwing stones.
I look in the mirror and know
I’ve got fingers pointing
back at me.
But I’m tired of the privilege.
I’m ready to give it up.
No one should’ve given it to me.

We’re terrible and we know it.
Some of us even celebrate it.
And we’re wrong.
But change starts with you
and it starts with #MeToo.
So I’m asking you to sing along.

Now it’s the woman’s turn
to lead.


from * (Asterisk), released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Derek Brink St Louis, Missouri

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