Nobody Else

from by Derek Brink

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"Nobody Else" is a song about betrayal. We've all had a friend bail on us and show their true colors. I wrote a song informed by one such instance in my own life. It's not a blow by blow description. Most people won't know who I was writing about (or will assume the incorrect person, maybe). But I told a version of the story, anyway. I was surprised to find out that the story had a harmonica in it and was in a major key.

The lyrics on this one are pretty rough when you really look at them. The song sounds deceptively happy. But lyrically, "...if you want compassion then you'd better pray because nobody else can stand you anymore" is a pretty brutal thing to say to someone. There's a comeuppance factor in this song that you don't always get in real life in that it's indicating that the betrayer is abandoned by mutual acquaintances. That's a rarity in real life. Usually they're so manipulative they can keep their friends for a while. But in the case I was writing about and also in this song's narrative, the asshole bailed on everybody. Sometimes life is fair.

That said, I thought it was important to include the line, "You've got your side of it, but I believe mine" and to admit that there's culpability on "my" part, too. Everybody's the hero of their own story, y'know?

In the bridge I used a line I've been wanting to use forever. "If you want to start a fight over this then just take a fucking shot, but bring a lunch, it'll take you all day (etc)..." I had a professor in college who used to say, "You can probably whup me, but it's gonna take you all day, so bring your lunch." I liked that. So it's here.

There's a lot I like about this song. The "fucking shot" line was in and out once I realized I was in a major key, but I still think it works. I delivered it like Michael Penn would have, so I think I struck the right tone. I like the harmonica. I like the "Leslie" whirl in the bridge where there might otherwise be a solo if I hadn't done that. I like the lyrics in general. It's a fun little song about getting hurt but coming out stronger and smarter. One of my favorites on the record.


You were my friend,
but keep in mind I said “were.”
I don’t think I wish you harm,
but I’m really not sure.
You’ve got a lot of things
you should account for,
but you could probably say the same to me.
Thank you for asking,
I’ve been doing just fine,
but let’s not pretend
that there’s been near enough time.
You’ve got your side of it,
but I believe mine.
That’s the way that it’s going to be.

If you want to talk about me,
you better make sure it’s the truth.
And think about how long it’s been
since anybody’s heard from you.

You turned your back. You walked away.
And now there’s nothing much
for me to say.
If you want compassion, you’d better pray,
‘cause nobody else can stand you anymore.

I’m not even angry. I think I’m just sad
that you’d throw away all the
good times that we had.
I’m disappointed I don’t even feel bad.
I‘d have hoped that we could work this out.
You bailed out before the ship even sank.
You tried hard to push me
off your gangplank.
You made your choice,
but man I’m going to be frank…
I hope it’s worth it, but I’ve got my doubts.

If you want to drag me under
you’ll have to beg someone for help.
‘Cause you don’t abandon friends unless
you’re only in it for yourself.

You turned your back. You walked away. (etc.)

If you want to start a fight over this,
then just take a fucking shot.
But bring a lunch, it’ll take you all day.
I’m gonna give you all I’ve got.

You turned your back. You walked away. (etc.)


from It Could Be Worse, released May 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Derek Brink St Louis, Missouri

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