Everybody Shut Up

from by Derek Brink

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I should start by saying this song isn't specifically about my workplace. But it's a little bit about every workplace. Every office, anyway. I wrote a white-collar anthem. Didn't really mean to...but I did it.

I had the opening line in a notebook for a couple of months, but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to write anything to go with it. "Everybody shut up, I'm trying to think. I can't hear myself fuck up." It's a good line. It suggested a work-environment to me and once I committed to that, it was easy to write, mostly just using standard office tropes. It's a fun one. It's a song about just trying to get through the damn day so you can relax. Who hasn't been there?

I don't have a lot else to add to this one. It's not that complicated to understand. It was once of the first ones I finished writing specifically FOR this project. Once I had this one together I started thinking, "Maybe I've got an album coming soon..." I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to do...I considered writing a full-on Americana album and playing a lot of old songs from bands-gone-by, but when I wrote this one, it became a half-punk, half-acoustic-driven mishmash that ended up capturing almost all sides of what I do. This one was important to the project in that way...it's the song that made me realize I was going to be needing a distortion pedal on the album.


Everybody shut up, I’m trying to think.
I can’t hear myself fuck up…

Well the pressure’s getting impossible
and this headache’s gonna stick around.
Another gallon of coffee.
Another few hours of grinding it down.
Holy shit, I don’t care about your kids
and I don’t wanna talk about the news.
I’ve got a mountain of molehills here
and I’m gonna have to crawl over you.

Yeah, I liked that movie…
No, I didn’t see the remake…
We’re gonna have to do this some other time…

Everybody shut up, I’m trying to think.
I can’t hear myself fuck up.
Everything’s stupid and I need a drink.
I’ve had about enough.
I’ve had enough.
Everybody shut up, I’m trying to think.

Another dead-end of deadlines…
And your music’s too goddamn loud.
You know, you’re making me crazy
and that really shouldn’t make you proud.
I’m tired of looking at pictures of your cat.
Do you really have nothing to do?
I’m getting buried in bullshit here
and I don’t have time to pacify you.

Hey, I’m gonna miss lunch again…
No I’m not leaving early…
Could you come back later?
I’m pretty behind…

Everybody shut up, I’m trying to think. (etc.)

Sorry, I just spaced out there…
I was thinking about something else…
What the fuck were you saying again?

Everybody shut up, I’m trying to think. (etc.)


from It Could Be Worse, released May 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Derek Brink St Louis, Missouri

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